Horary Points | Jet Lag

Horary Points Tapping Alleviates Jet Lag Problems

Abstract from Article: How to Beat Jet Lag, Contemporary Applications for Jet Lag from Ancient Principles !
By John A. Amaro D.C., FIAMA, Dipl.Ac.,L.Ac, Carefree, Arizona.

1. What is “jet lag”?

Jet lag comes with a wide range of symptoms varying from fatigue, disorientation, insomnia, nausea, irrational behavior, mental confusion, edema, headache and anorexia. These symptoms may last from one to ten days depending on the person. People can experience serious physical and mental problems because of the symptoms of jet lag.

2. The Horary Cycle

Jet Lag – a contemporary disorder – obviously never existed until the utilization of jet aircraft therefore a treatment approach does not occur anywhere in Asian medicine literature (TCM) or in practical treatment approaches passed on from Master to student.

Circadian time display according TCM

Circadian time display according TCM

Borrowing knowledge of the General Circulation of Chi and being aware that each meridian undergoes a two-hour time peak that moves and peaks from meridian to meridian as it travels through its general circulation.

To reset the body clock utilizing the horary cycle, the body should be made to function at the horary cycle of wherever the person is physically located on the planet, disregarding the effects of so called “time travel”. Stimulation of the proper points people reported – and observed – jet lag literally did not occur. They felt they were connected to the time zone of their newly arrived destination as opposed to the time of their departure location.

Subjects sacrificed – and given sham treatment – all suffered the effects of jet lag and in some cases the effects were classified as severe. Hundreds of experiments were conducted over 12 years with a success rate averaging 96% perceived success in time zone flights over five hours between part of departure to destination.

Note: Jet lag is not restricted to long trans oceanic flights it can occur as easily in the three hour time zone difference from coast to coast across North America. Therefore, the treatment described here is effective for jet lag despite the length of the trip.

3. Tapping the horary points

Bilateral pressure stimulation by using 20 taps with a ballpoint pen has been shown to be very effective. Recommended stimulation devices for the best response: Teishein | Quartz Piezo | Quartz piezo pen. But just tapping with the tips of your fingers will also do fine.

4. The tapping procedure to PREVENT Jet Lag

Once a person finally arrives at their international destination, it is usual to reset their wristwatch to correspond to the time of day of their arrival. The problem of course is a flyers body clock is totally different than the time of day of their landing thus producing the myriad of symptoms associated with jet lag. When it is 12 noon Friday in Los Angeles it is at exactly the same time in history, 4:00 am Saturday in Shanghai. What one simply does to eliminate jet lag is to reset their body clock as they are flying across international time zones allowing their horary cycle to be at the same time as local time on their landing.

To accomplish “altering the horary cycle to match local time”: one anticipates the body on the “state” on arrival by constantly – every two hours – activating the Horary Points that currently resemble the active meridian on the place of arrival.


  1. Determine what time of day it is at your destination upon boarding the aircraft.
    For example:
    – If you are flying from Chicago to Munich Germany on the 7:00 pm Monday flight, it is actually 2:00 am Tuesday in Munich.
    – If on the other hand you are flying from New York to Honolulu, departing at 10:00 am it is exactly 4:00 am in Hawaii at the time of your departure.
  2. The jet lag formula begins by stimulating the horary point of the meridian which is active at the time of your destination, since each two hour time zone on the horary cycle is attributed to a specific meridian.
    – In other words if you are boarding the 7:00 pm flight from Los Angeles in route to Tokyo, Japan it is actually 12:00 noon in Tokyo the next day. Even though your horary cycle at your present location corresponds to the Pericardium meridian beginning at 7:00 pm it is actually 12:00 noon in Tokyo (your destination) which corresponds to the Heart meridian. Thus one stimulates the horary point for the Heart meridian which is HT 8.
  3. This same formula is repeated every two hours of flight as the flyer moves through time zones. Therefore, two hours later which means it is 9:00 pm on your wristwatch it is actually 2:00 pm in Tokyo which corresponds to the Small Intestine meridian. Stimulation would therefore be SI 5 which is the horary point for the SI meridian.
    – Two hours later it would be 4:00 pm in Tokyo corresponding to the Bladder meridian and stimulation of BL66. The rest of the formula simply follows the General Circulation of Chi around the cycle stimulating the horary point for the meridian associated with the time of day it is presently at your destination (Tokyo). Therefore, to continue the example it would be followed by KI, P, TH, GB, Liv, LU, LI, ST, SP, HT.

5. The tapping procedure to OVERCOME Jet Lag

When you want to overcome jet lag, you probably have signs of jet lag. So what to do next?

In the line of thinking of previous chapter, it is required for you to sync with the meridian time in the present situation. Every two hours you would want to tap – stimulate – the required meridian points as though you want to imprint / strengthen the influence of that meridian in this time frame.

6. Locating the various Horary points

The Chinese system has five elements (Fire, Water, Wood, Metal, Earth) of which the Fire element is divided in Earth Fire and Heaven Fire (Ether). On every meridian there is a point that relates back to one of the five elements. And so there is one point in every element that relates back to its own element. This point levels the elements internal energy: between yin/yang organs. This is the Horary Point. The Horary point is supposed to be most active during its Horary time. The chart below shows these points with their related (TCM) Organ and corresponding time.

01–03_h Liver LIV-01 Located on the lateral aspect of the big toe at the corner of the nail.
03–05_h Lung LU-08 Located one thumb breadth directly above the transverse crease of the wrist at the medial margin of the radius.
05–07_h Large Intestine LI-01 Located on the radial side of the index finger at the corner of the nail.
07–09_h Stomach ST-36 Located one palm’s breadth below the knee and one finger breadth lateral to the shin bone (tibia).
09–11_h Spleen SP-03 Located at the posterior inferior margin of the first metatarsal.
11-13_h Heart HT-08 Located on the palm just proximal to the metacarpo-phalangeal joint of the little finger, where the bent finger tip touches the palm.
13–15_h Small Intestine SI-05 Located in a depression at the ulnar end of the transverse crease on the dorsum of the wrist between the styloid and triangular bones.
15–17_h Urinary Bladder BL-66 Located in the depression anterior and lateral to the 5th metatarsal-phalangeal joint.
17–19_h Kidney KI-10 Located on the medial aspect of the back of the knee between the semi-tendinosus and semimembranosus muscles.
19–21_h Pericardium CX-08 Located with fingers bent;  this point is where the tip of the middle finger touches the palm between the 2nd and 3rd metacarpals.
21–23_h San Jiao TH-06 Located one palm’s width above the transverse crease on the dorsum of the wrist, midway between the radius and ulna.
23-01_h Gall Bladder GB-41 Located in the hollow just in front of the union of the 4th and 5th metatarsals on the dorsum of the foot.
Marriage Horary Points Model Operators and O'Leary

Marriage Horary Points Model Operators and O’leary

7. Marriage of Horary Points, Modes of Operating and the adjusted O’Leary circle

Above is the a compilation of the various named systems. It is my latest variation on a theme. Leading in this picture are the Points Bladder 66, Spleen 3, Lung 8 and Triple Heater 6. I propose these points represent Horary Points of the according quadrant.

North  “foot”  Possibility  Winter  Rest
South  “hand”  Drive  Summer  Act
West  “head”  Necessity  Autumn  Prepare
East  “chest”  Desire  Spring  Flower

(This compilation is for kinesiological purposes)

In short: every moment in time is a balance between the forces:
1. Equality (SP 3) / Grief and Guilt (TH 6) and
2. Attunement (LU 8) /Indifference (BL 66).

When these forces are aligned they empower a person to have choice. You are able to choose what you intend to do or not do and make things happen.

In this picture an imbalance at one of the four Horary Points will show you where a person is not able to do what s/he intends to have happen. (Muscle test!)

As with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) the person will find relieve quickly just by holding/sedating or tapping/stimulating the point: a deep sigh of relieve will occur.

Yet another option to persue: After you found the quadrant, test for indicator change in that quadrant. You now have the option to strengthen/stimulate/tap the indicated horary point OR to weaken/sedate/hold the opposite horary point.

In case of Reversal you might do even the opposite!

Huib Salomons
Practitioner Specialized Kinesiology

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