Gamma 1 Gamma 2 revisited

In a previous blog post I wrote about Gamma 1 Gamma 2.

Now I knew about this ‘extra’ manual muscle testing already, because I was already exposed to it by the HOLOGRAM testing from Richard Utt. Where this muscle test is performed in 7 (contraction to extension) and 7 (extension to contraction) positions. Where each position is related to a specific acupunture meridian.

To keep it in its simplest form!!

  1. Usually one tests only from contraction to extension after positioning the muscle in its maximal contraction. With gamma 1 and gamma 2 testing one brings the muscle in its most extended position and tests the muscle even further to extension.
  2. Now you can also do this test is a reversed manner. Position the muscle in its extended position and test from extended to contracted direction. Now bring the muscle in its contracted position and test even further to its contracted position.


What I noticed when working with testing the previous is, that testing the muscle from extension to a further extension (1) one can relate that imbalance to a recent trauma. Subsequently the reverse (from contraction to even further contraction) (2) the imbalance seems to be related to a trauma that occurred much further in the past.

Thought you might want to experiment with this given yourself!


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